Eye M.D. Ophthalmology







Why Choose Us

The doctors of Eye M.D. Ophthalmology have provided comprehensive eye care to the people of south middle Tennessee and beyond since the 1980s.

The practice maintains an excellent reputation among patients and peers for quality, compassion, ethics, commitment, and purpose.

The doctors reside in the area and understand the health care needs of the community in which they live and serve.

The doctors have close professional relationships and excellent communication with the other health care providers in the area.

Access to a fellowship-trained and a fellowship-trained glaucoma specialist and the associated complex cataract surgery associated with these diseases is unusual for a community of this size. (American Glaucoma Society, Chandler-Grant Society)

Ophthalmologists have the option to perform cataract, glaucoma, and other eye surgery in the convenience of an ambulatory surgery center or a hospital for those needing hospital-based surgery.

Ophthalmologists take call for hospital emergency departments and provide hospital-based surgery for emergent eye conditions and injuries. This very important service is becoming increasingly rare in communities like ours throughout the country.

The practice has courteous, efficient, and competent support staff to facilitate care and handle the complexities of insurance and reimbursement issues.

An optical dispensary conveniently located adjacent to the clinic offers glasses and contact lenses of high quality at a good value. The optical shop is supported by a licensed dispensing optician.

Despite the challenges of providing health care in current times, the welfare and best interest of the patient is foremost in the doctor's mind as decisions for care are considered.

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